Zero Adversity: How to Cultivate a Prosperous Inner Conversation

Posted on April 27, 2017

Prosperity is a state of being. It is not something you buy or accumulate. It is something you are. When you are prosperous, you know there is more than enough of everything: money, love, ability, happiness, intimacy, etc. For most people, the challenge with prosperity thinking or prosperity consciousness is believing there is more than enough of everything when their physical reality reflects otherwise. When you think and believe you do not, and never will have enough you have succumbed to scarcity thinking, also referred to as poverty consciousness. A scarcity mindset can be a dark, lonely, and outright scary place, where you feel as is if you are fighting and struggling. Attempting to stay afloat or get ahead of a virtual economic tsunami. It’s a place where fear, anxiety, or stress dominates. As someone who has lived 32 years of his life without a guaranteed paycheck each and every…..

Personal Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Posted on November 29, 2016

The most valuable personal resources you have are time, energy, and freedom. That said, are you aware of how your daily engagement with personal social media affects these resources? In this video, Michael suggests that you examine your daily interactions with personal social media to determine whether they are generating hidden adversity–negative feelings and emotions, like anger, anxiety, frustration, resentment, etc. Hidden adversity robs you of your time, energy, and freedom—resources required to develop one-on-one relational connections.

Freedom is closer than you think!

Posted on November 15, 2016

Freedom is free, we’ve just forgotten that it is. It is not a thing you obtain when you reach a certain point in life. It is a state of mind you maintain. You might not feel that you have the freedom you desire because of personal and professional obligations, however, you do have it. In this Zero Adversity Club video, I challenged you to assess whether you feel you have freedom. If you do not, it might instead be feeling a host of negative feeling and emotions I like to call self-generated adversity. You know, guilt, resentment, anger, bitterness, and more. Let me know what your conclusion is after the week is over.

Let’s Find Out

Posted on November 1, 2016

Michael joins “Let’s Find Out, with host Elizabeth Joyce, on BBS Radio! Listen in!

Drop In!

Posted on November 1, 2016

In an environment where digital communications and social media abound, what has been left behind is the ability really communicate with another human being on a relational level. In other words, our focus and attention isn’t 100% there. It’s more an intellectual than heart to heart. In this week’s Zero Adversity Club video, Michael challenges you to Drop In with an intentional focused relational connection when encountering another person.  

The Importance of Trust

Posted on October 24, 2016

Trust is the glue that binds our personal and professional relationships together. Its importance cannot be overstated. As our relationships mature, we often elect not to share information because we are afraid of the reaction we will get from the other person(s). Something that generates what we would rather avoid—negative feelings and emotions (like guilt and regret), also known as adversity. It is best to be truthful as soon as possible and let the chips fall where they may. We cannot and should not seek to control other people’s reactions.

Knowing Your Career Field is Worth its Weight in Gold!

Posted on October 17, 2016

As the founder of Zero Adversity Training & Coaching, I know how information can build a confident presence. What it comes to getting an internship or job after college, the better you are prepared, the more marketable you become. This Smart College Career Moves tip stresses exactly what students can do to stay on top of developments in their career field as they work towards their degree.