Zero Adversity Sales Training

Stop Selling & Start Relating

Zero Adversity™ Sales Training Shares Relational Elements Which Cultivate Authentic Relational Connections That Lead to Term Success

Although features, advantages, and benefits often dominate the sales process, their appeal is greatly diminished when you have not connected on a personal level with the person hearing them.

Unfortunately, many salespeople put the cart before the horse by explaining the intricate details of a product or service before establishing an authentic relationship with their prospective client.

What we already know is people mainly buy from whom they like and respect. The fastest way to garner this appeal and respect is through an authentic relational connection.

An Authentic Relational Connection does not involve games, gimmicks, tricks, or half-truths. This connection is rooted in honesty, sincerity, truth, empathy, and integrity.

People have real problems and want the best products and services to solve them. As an ambassador for your company, you want them to choose YOUR products and services.

In our view, a successful sale occurs when a prospective client feels comfortable enough to reveal their problem and then tell you what it would feel like to have their problem solved.

Your obligation is to process this information and quickly convey how your product or service would solve their problem. Establishing an authentic relational connection is the foundation of this process.

If you work in a retail environment (inside sales), where prospective buyers enter your premises without notice, you have a few precious moments to develop an authentic relational connection. This training shares several techniques which will assist you in doing this.

If you call on clients (outside sales) or sell over the phone (phone sales), you have time to do what is necessary to cultivate an authentic relational connection before meeting your prospective client.

If you sell over the phone or perform customer service, you have a split second to make a connection. We share specific ideas which will enable you to do this the majority of the time.

As someone who has been in the sales field for 45 years and conveyed over $150 million in products and services over the phone during the past 30+ years, I am intimately familiar with the importance of cultivating an authentic relational connection for long-term success.

The concepts and methods presented in this practical training can be curated to fit any selling scenario because relational principles are universal.

Each Zero Adversity™ Sales Training is curated to fit your specific audience, timeframe, objectives, and challenges. This ensures an inspiringly relevant presentation which elevates awareness and creates an immediate impact.

You are a master in the art of marrying powerful, comprehensive content with the practicality of application. C. Goggins

Your talk was amazing and the training video you made for us was awesome!!! It has had a super positive impact on our staff. We have had positive responses from our staff at each location. Several people have asked for the link to your video to see it again. You did a great job on both the video and your presentation. ~Fred B., CEO, American Wallzone Supply, June, 2017.

There is no greater feeling than when you think and act from owning your power. This training reveals:

  • The 4 main elements for making Authentic Relational Connections.
  • How to tap into the power of your Operating Frequency (OF).
  • 9 must do’s before engaging with any prospect or client.
  • 8 tips for establishing a great connection.
  • 5 tips for making the perfect approach.
  • How to make your competition obsolete!
  • What you must do before meeting or calling a prospect or client.

Who Benefits?

The farther you are from the center, the greater your benefit.

For newer sales professionals, this training will be an eye opening event that presents them with a host of different ways to cultivate various levels of relationships which enable them to achieve greater success.

For more experienced professionals, who might be suffering from the Curse of Knowledge, this training will challenge what they think they know and re-ignite their passion for greater success.

When sales professionals own their power to relate to others, they become empowered to do great things. ~Michael J. Russ

Go Beyond Motivation to Instant Application

When your legs get stuck in quicksand, you don’t need motivation; you need a rope!

Although this training is inspirationally driven, it’s main mission is help all  salespeople achieve their grandest vision as company ambassadors with authenticity and purpose.

People are more likely to take action when concepts are practical and easy to use.

In part one of his training, Michael walks participants through the nuances of developing relational connections under a variety of different circumstances, using inspiring personal anecdotes, visuals, and first hand experiences.

In part two, he pivots to demonstrating how attendees can apply what he has shared to their real world circumstances to make their sales process more productive and fulfilling.

Expose your sales team to something they would never expect—an uplifting interactive dialogue that conveys practical, relevant, and expedient methods they can immediately apply to be more productive and procure greater success.

This training can be conducted as a live event or webinar anywhere in the world.

If you wish to address a specific issue with your sales or customer service team, Michael would be happy to arrange a live webinar, video conference, or in-person training tailored to meet your needs and time constraints.

To inquire about exposing your sales staff to this relational sales training, please call 850-866-6965 (USA) or send an email to: