Michael J. Russ

Author, Speaker, & Life Transformation Facilitator

Michael J. Russ

Michael J. Russ is the International Best Selling author of Zero Adversity and Real Hope For the Unemployed. The son of an Air Force Officer and an Educator, at 20, Michael dropped out college to go into a business with his girlfriend. After achieving modest business success, she suddenly passed away. This event shook his self-confidence and generated doubts about his ability to achieve success that would not surface until he came face to face with an amazing career opportunity several years later, at the age of 26.

Michael’s life changing moment happened when he realized his doubts about achieving success and lack of self-confidence stemmed directly from a deep seeded thought virus—it would be difficult to succeed in life without a college degree. It was at this point that he became acutely aware of the negative self-talk he used that supported the thought virus and the doubts it was generating within him. What he ascertained, was that his self-talk was severely compromising his ability to succeed in his new career path. To rectify the situation, so he could progress, he vowed never to engage in negative self-talk, and then designed a specific self-talk process that supported his goals and intentions.

The personal and professional success Michael now enjoys is the direct result of developing and applying specific life tools that help him manage his self-talk; efficiently invest personal resources when faced with adversity; value and practice forgiveness, accountability, and gratitude; learn from failure; and use small successes to power even greater ones. If you are looking to change anything about you or your life, transform, evolve, or progress, having a process you can follow to achieve your intentions is priceless!

Michael’s latest book—Zero Adversity-3 Practical Steps to Freedom, Fulfillment, and Creating an Authentic Life—is a life altering short read that guides you through a process that can be used to foster: long-term happiness, love, success, the freedom to do more, more time, greater resilience, and the ability to positively manage change. The steps are very practical because each can be seamlessly woven into your life.

Michael considers himself a work in progress and uses each of the concepts he conveys in his books everyday of his life, as he has for over 30 years.

Michael has transformed and evolved from a closet doubter, with a hidden lack of confidence, into a totally centered, highly self-actualized individual with a passion for giving people tools they can use to transform, evolve, and succeed in their own way and on their own terms. His audio books, eBooks, podcasts, blogs, articles, and websites convey the same tools he has used to build a healthier, happier, loving, fulfilling, and more engaging life.

Michael comes from a family that takes action to accomplish, have fun, and experience life. His father achieved the rank of Colonel in the Air Force; His mother is his best friend and mentor; his brother, Tim Russ, is an accomplished actor, award winning director, and accomplished father; and his Sister, Angela Y. Russ-Ayon, is an award winning songwriter, entrepreneur (www.AbridgeClub.com), and amazing mother.

Michael’s favorite saying instills a sense of wonder about his life and what will happen on any given day.

“There is something I do not know, the knowing which could change everything.” ~J. Rumi, 13th Century Poet