Business Interactive Golf Experience


We Turn a Game of Golf into a Rich Resource for
Personal and Professional Growth and Enhancing Success

“Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.”
~Arnold Palmer, Golf Legend


The Business Interactive Golf Experience turns an ordinary company golf outing into a rich resource players can interact with to magnify personal and professional success both on and off from the course for years to come.

We see the game of golf as the perfect platform for practicing, executing, and perfecting the following elements:
• Practical strategies and methods which fuel resilience.
• Strategic golf techniques.
• Networking elements central to success both on and away from the golf course.

Core takeaways from a Business Interactive Golf Experience include: 

• A deeper connection to the golf swing.
• A mindset which fosters resilience over defeatism.
• An increased capacity to embrace unexpected challenges.
• An enhanced ability to build and maintain lasting relationships.
• A more intentional and self-actualized inner conversation.
• Elevated self-confidence.

The principal architects of this interactive experience are:

Charles Lightfoot BJAGA Founder

Charles Lightfoot
Charles aids participants in developing a pre-game routine which quiets their mind, ignites a connection between mind and body, and expands their conscious ability to play better golf. His proprietary methods have applications that reach far beyond basic fundamentals to elevate cognitive awareness enhancing personal and professional success.


Michael J. Russ–Int’l Bestselling Author

Michael J. Russ
Michael assists participants with owning their power on and off the golf course by establishing a Zero Adversity™ mental framework they can apply to manage their energy and attitude, establish and maintain a resilience mindset, and curate a supportive inner conversation.


Choose a Business Interactive Golf Experience 

Expose your group to universally applicable methods and strategies they can apply to play a more balanced game of golf and magnify personal and professional success. Each experience will be customized to fit your unique needs, time constraints, and business/organizations objectives.

How Might Your Business Interactive Session Look?

A Business Interactive Golf Experience can easily be crafted into the framework of your gathering as an indoor or outdoor session at the golf practice facility with the BI team to introduce practical methods and strategies they can apply to establish a winning inner conversation, ignite resilience and mitigate adversity during their round of golf.

This session would be followed by a short session with Charles Lightfoot and Michael J. Russ on the practice facility or range, before your group warms up, to cultivate the mind/body connection they will need to set the stage for a great day of golf.

Along the way, the BI team will interject how each golf method or strategy can easily be applied to experience life balance and accelerate personal and professional growth and success away from the course.

To inquire about how to expose your students, employees, leaders, executives, or administrators, please call Michael J. Russ at 850-866-6965 or forward an email to


Michael J. Russ Bio

President of Powerful Living Int’l.
Founder of Zero Adversity™ Training & Coaching
International Bestselling Author, Keynote
Speaker, Impassioned Golfer

As the internationally bestselling author of Zero Adversity: 3 Practical Steps to Freedom, Fulfillment and Creating an Authentic Life and six other audio books, including Powerful Golf: Lower Your Score by Changing the Way You Think, Michael is no stranger to the numerous ways adversity can impact your life and success.

Michael’s passion for golf began when his father introduced him to the game while living in the Philippines at the age of eight. He views the game as a metaphor for life and an ideal proving ground for implementing his proprietary methods for overcoming and releasing adversity, curating a solid inner conversation, enhancing mental agility, and boosting resilience.

His many guest appearances around the world include: Malaysia, Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Jamaica, and his articles and reviews have been featured in Comstock Business Magazine, African American Golfer’s Digest, and

Michael’s connection with Charles Lightfoot goes back over a decade. He currently serves as an advisor to the BJAGA and was featured in Voices From the Outside, a film which documents Charles Lightfoot’s transformative work with children on the autistic spectrum.

Michael partnered with Charles Lightfoot to create the Business Interactive Experience to inspire entrepreneurs, professionals, and students to use golf as their platform for magnifying personal and professional well-being and enhancing success.

To bring the BIE to your next event, please call 850-866-6965 or email

Charles Lightfoot Bio

Charles Lightfoot has been actively involved in many aspects of the golf industry for over 20 years.

As the founder of the Brooklyn Junior Autistic Golfers Academy (BJAGA), a non-profit 501 c 3 organization, his wealth and breadth of knowledge, coupled with his comprehensive study of special needs children on the autism spectrum, gives him a unique and effective approach to teaching any student the great game of golf.

Charles is also the founder of the Advanced Lesson Academy of Golf, Inc., and a Golf Writer & Trainer. He is best known for his innovative and precise knowledge and a non-method style teaching approach and highly recognized and respected throughout a global golfing community.

Charles has worked for over 14 years to prefect his teaching philosophy and develop a precise skillset through collaborations with history makers Charlie Sifford, Calvin Pete, Julius Richardson, Alton Duhan, Bill Wright, Ted Macartney.

Other collaborations include some of the PGA’s top100 teaching professionals, like Fred Griffin, Harry Zimmerman, Grand Cypress, Orlando, Florida. Dr. Craig Farnsworth, Palm Springs, California, and Dr. Jim Suttie, Naples Florida, Wayne Defranseco, Pivot Compression Swing, and Rick Smith.
Complete Bio.