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Clear Out Regret

Posted on May 2, 2016

In continuation of the theme I call, clear out the clutter, my advice this week is to clear out a negative emotion: regret. Regret is an issue because it is fully based in the past. You can do NOTHING about the past, you can affect the present, and you can influence the future. The message here is, stop living in the past. Regret puts you in a dark place that serves no useful purpose when it comes to progressing in life.  If you have done something you regret, if you can’t change it, let go and move on!

Smart College Career Move #2: Connect with Your Why

Posted on April 27, 2016

Being smart about college or university is imperative. Four years of college is a long time to stay focused and connected to a single goal. With this amount of time, it’s easy to drift or become distracted. This is why it’s important to do everything you can to remain driven, motivated, and on track. You can do this by staying connected to the why. Your why is the reason or purpose behind your intention, goal, or vision. Your why is the rudder that keeps your life, actions, and energy focused and on track. Without a real connection to why you are doing something, you become easily distracted and led farther away from what you want to accomplish. In the words of Yogi Berra, “If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” What is important is to connect passion to your why. When your why…..

Clear the Clutter

Posted on April 25, 2016

In the last two months, as I readied my townhouse for sale, I realized I have collected a lot of stuff in the last 12 years. Stagnant energy is not good in life, so I started clearing out the clutter. Clutter creates adversity because feelings of guilt and resentment arise from looking at what we do not use. My edict is: if I haven’t used it in two years, let it go. This week, I am suggesting that you start clearing out what is cluttering up your life. Start with your closet and move on. You will soon realize how great you feel because you have opened up the flow of energy in your home. Take the first step and see what happens.

Take Yourself Higher

Posted on April 11, 2016

It’s Monday again, the beginning of the work week for most people. This week I have a challenge for you–to take yourself higher by rising above the drama of everyday life. Why? Drama delivers no value to your life whatsoever. A Zero Adversity lifestyle allows you to live above the fray, instead of in the midst of it.  You can only do this, however, if you are aware enough to know when it has you in its grasp. Take your life to the next level, check out our video below!

Which Of These Are You Focusing On?

Posted on April 4, 2016

This week we continue focusing on your inner conversation. In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects–whether it is focused on abundance or scarcity. Do you know which direction your inner conversation focuses on? You want it to be directed towards abundance–be it an abundance of money, love, health, success, work, relationships or just about anything else in your daily life. This video should help to increase your awareness of the importance of thinking abundance over scarcity. Check out and don’t be shy about letting me know what you think about it.

Ask Yourself This Question

Posted on March 21, 2016

If you want to take  yourself to a different level, ask yourself questions that help you take a self-assessment. A simple, yet powerful, question I recommend is, “How do I feel about myself?” Asking this question of yourself opens a door from which answers can enter. Check out this week’s video below and let me know what you think!

How To Transform Adversity

Posted on February 15, 2016

As an author of the best-selling book Zero Adversity and founder of Zero Adversity Training, it’s my mission in life to help people mitigate adversity. In this video, I talk about how you can transform adversity, apply the three process I mentioned from my book to real life experiences. In this video, you will… Learn about the three practical steps of Zero Adversity Discover how you can apply my formula to your daily life Hear about the story of a student who applied the steps from Zero Adversity in his real life and how it affected his situation positively You can download my book Zero Adversity in Amazon, or on this page by clicking here. Check out this week’s video.

Resist the Temptation to be a Victim

Posted on February 8, 2016

Last week we talked about the positive side of change. This week I want you continue our topic about change. Today I want to encourage you to resist the temptation to be a victim, resist to blame someone. The problem with “blame” is that you turn over your power and control to the person or thing that you but blame to, then you will wait for them to act. It’s not healthy, just think that if you blame someone you turn over your power of control towards a situation… you don’t want that. Check out our Zero Adversity Club video to learn more.

See the Positive Side of Change

Posted on February 1, 2016

It’s another Monday and its time for our Zero Adversity Monday video. This week focus the positive side of change. Don’t just jump into the negative. Whatever the situation is, have a positive take in approaching it. Tell yourself that you can learn from it, or it’s something that happens for a reason… for the better! Here’s our Monday video for this week! Let me know what you think, I’ll be glad to hear from you!

Zero Adversity Training: How to Reboot Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted on January 29, 2016

Have you already abandoned your New Year’s resolutions? An overwhelming number of people have done just that. If so, don’t fret, you can reboot your New Year’s resolutions by reselling yourself on why you made them. You might not have viewed the resolution process as making a sale, however, it is exactly that. The sales process involves three steps: identifying a problem, finding a solution, and following through with actions that solve the problem. The creation of your resolution is evidence that you have already identified a problem you believe needs solving. So much for step one. Your New Year’s resolution, step two, is the solution you have devised to solve your problem. Perhaps you resolved to save more money, lose a few extra pounds, or eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet. Regardless of your resolution, you have sold yourself on the solution and are now moving to step three—taking…..