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“I went searching for something to help fix an issue in my life and your podcast and consultations have played a huge role in that. There are no accidents!” ~Carmen A.

Three things impact your ability to achieve goals, increase productivity, and manage time:

  • An incongruent inner conversations.
  • Misdirected time, energy, and emotional capital during challenges and adversity.
  • Perceptions, responses, and self-talk rooted in “Though Viruses.”

Assess & Design a Purposeful Inner Conversation

Your inner conversation, often referred to as self-talk, is what you think and say about you and what you are doing, both in your head and aloud to others. This dialogue influences every aspect of your life–actions, responses, resilience, happiness, and productivity–in ways you could never imagine: good and bad. As the saying goes, if you think you can or think you can’t, you are right in both cases.

If you unsure as to whether your inner conversation is helping or hurting your efforts to achieve success, reach goals and dreams, and experience the passion and fulfillment you deserve, I can help you find out.

Regardless of your vocation, together, we will clarify your objectives, goals, and intentions, assess your inner conversation, and design self-talk which supports you every step of the way.

I can also observe and work with your team to assure they have a cohesive and purposeful inner conversation which is aligned with achieving their mission.

Successfully Let Go of Crisis and Challenges

Crisis and challenges are part of everything you do. The way you perceive and respond to these events impacts your ability to be resilient. Zero Adversity™ gives you a structure you can apply to help you flow through unfortunate, misfortunate, and challenges with your time, energy, productivity, and attitude intact.

The Zero Adversity framework was first documented in my international bestselling book, Zero Adversity: 3 Practical Steps to Freedom, fulfillment, and Creating an Authentic Life.

As your coach or consultant, I assist you with weaving the 3-step Zero Adversity™ framework into your everyday life to improve resilience, enhance productivity, and expand joy and fulfillment. The process can be applied to any aspect of your life–relationships, career, family, etc.

You will benefit from a Zero Adversity™ coaching or consulting session in a number of different ways. Among them are:

  • A greater command of your time, personal energy, and attitude.
  • A reduction is your level of distress and stress.
  • Increased effectiveness, resilience, agility, inspiration, and creativity.
  • The ability to take control during adversity.
  • Identifying and eliminating thought viruses and other forms of hidden adversity.
  • Sustained happiness.
  • Greater fulfillment from everything you do.
  • Increased abundance.
  • More self-confidence and higher self-esteem.
  • Enhanced personal and professional relationships.
  • The ability to lead with greater intention, clarity, efficiency, and purpose.
  • The tools to clear past adversity and neutralize certain future adversity.

It’s not what happens, but how you respond to what happens which determines the quality and authenticity of your life.

Responding to events in a new way can be a challenge unto itself. I am not a doctor, therapist, or psychiatrist. I do not dispense medical advice and my methods are not intended to treat or cure disease.

What I am quite adept at is assisting you with recognizing how your approach to seemingly adverse events and the direction of your inner conversation are affecting your life. My practical methods are easy to apply and can dramatically affect your quality of life.

 Release Yourself From Thought Viruses

I define a Thought Virus as a negative perception, thought, idea, and concept which you adopt as our own. You live under the influence of a series of different thought viruses every day without even knowing it. For example, an individual or collective Thought Virus in sports would be, I (we) will never be able to beat them.

I have seen relationships dissolve unnecessarily because thought viruses were driving the conversations and actions of both parties.

As your Zero Adversity™ Coach or Team Consultant, my mission is to listen to your concerns, goals, and dreams, and determine see how thought viruses are influencing your forward progress. If things are not going as planned, it is likely that a thought virus is involved.

A Zero Adversity™ Coaching Session Can Enhance Your Life

I am a living example of the methods I share and have applied them in every area of my life. Through my audio books, I have helped others become aware of and realign their self-talk. If you are facing a personal or professional crisis or challenge and want to make sure you are not the one sabotaging your ability to get through it, you are a candidate for a coaching session.

If you are an achiever who wants to fine tune your inner conversational awareness, sharpen their thought virus awareness, or craft an inner conversation for a specific goal, you are a prime candidate for a coaching session.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation via Skype or Zoom conferencing. 

If you really desire to live your life free of drama, fear, worry, scarcity, and gross unhappiness, contact me today. Please email your request for a free session to

Everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled by what they do. My fee is $150.00 per hour.  

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