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What Students Can Do Now to Prepare, Market, and Sell Themselves to Future Employers

In 2015, only 14% of college seniors had career-type jobs lined up before graduation. This left 86% of graduating seniors without a post-graduation job. (source:

These statistics underscore the importance of building employer value early in their college years and preparing by viewing the inevitable future job search through the lens of the sales process. In this process, the student (the salesperson) must market and sell their personality, skills, and abilities (the product) to the employer (the buyer). For a successful sale to occur, the student has to persuade the employer that they are the product best suited for the available position.

This inspiring and informative visual presentation helps students see the value of cultivating college experiences, superior skills, community and volunteer service, key relationships, work experience, and exceptional accomplishments that, when conveyed as employer benefits, increase their odds of securing a job after graduation.

Amazing Information! I had no idea there were so many things I could do to make myself more attractive to an employer. ~ C. Bishop, MA Florida State University

Michael RussHighlights of This Talk Include:

  • Why the Sales Process is Important to Your Future.
  • 7 Moves That Shift Your Mind into Career Mode Now.
  • The Importance of Knowing What Makes You Tick.
  • What are FAB’s and Why You Should You Care.
  • 18 Things Employers Look for in a Job Candidate.
  • The 4 Potential Career Killers to Avoid While You Still Can.
  • 8 Traits That Make You More Valuable to an Employer.
  • How to Build Iron Clad Confidence.
  • I Spy! The value of pre-interview preparation.

Your information and words of wisdom would have taken me a lifetime to figure out on my own. ~ Hilary Moore Young Riders Graduate Program Participant

Why Students Need to Hear This Information as soon as Possible!

  • Students need to connect activities, classes, and work with how it makes them marketable to future employers.
  • A recent study revealed the vast majority of students spend their crucial first 2 years socializing.
  • A degree is only one advantage to employers. Students need to offer a lot more!

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I am a young person interested in personal development who is listening and reading self-help…I wish I would have stumbled onto your valuable messages earlier. ~ Kevin J. Age 24

About Michael J. Russ

Michael J. Russ is president of Powerful Living International LLC, an international bestselling author, and an inspiring speaker/ trainer. He has interviewed, hired and fired personnel; lived in 4 foreign countries; sold over $150 million in products and services both in person and over the phone, and owned several unique businesses. Russ authored Smart College Career Moves: What You Can Do Now to Make Yourself More Marketable Later, in order to help students develop a career mindset and understand the actions necessary to make themselves more marketable in a competitive global job market.

This talk shift awareness, enlighten, empower, and motivate.

An extraordinary trainer with remarkable skills. Michael Russ shows you how to implement simple-to-use yet powerful ways that allow you to take charge of your life and design your future as YOU say it shall be. ~ Vimala Rodgers, Ph.D. Founder, International Institute of Handwriting Studies

Knowing How to Make Yourself a Top Job Candidate in the Future is Priceless!

I am a product of my own message. The focus, success, happiness, creativity, problem-solving ability, and stellar inner conversation I enjoy today are a direct result of the concepts, ideas, and strategies presented in my program. I make the following commitments when you hire me to speak to your students.

  • To enthusiastically deliver information students can use for the rest of their lives.
  • To help promote my program on your campus, through radio and school newspaper interviews before the event.
  • To provide free posters and flyers to display around campus to help promote the event (saving you valuable time).

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