What You Can Do Now
To Make Yourself More Marketable Later

As a college/university student, you will eventually have to put yourself out there to get a job. You might even need a job sooner than that to help pay for school. The most important question you have to ask yourself now is, will I be prepared?

Smart College Career Moves is a book that helps you prepare for the inevitable while you still have time. It does this by revealing the things you can do now to develop the non-academic skills, relationships, and work experience necessary to deliver real benefits to a future employer.

For a lot less than the cost of a college textbook, Smart College Career Moves will save you time and energy. It shifts your thinking, helps you avoid pitfalls, and, most importantly, reveals what you need to do to stay one step ahead of your future career competition.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Avoid costly time and mistakes. Get your head into the game now and learn what you can do to prepare and make yourself more marketable later. Your future depends on it!

Professional Reviews:

5 Stars–Michael J. Russ uses his twenty-six plus years in the business world to write Smart College Career Moves: What You Can Do Now To Make Yourself More Marketable Later. Russ shares tips on how to Jumpstart Your Career Success while in school, explains What Employers Look For in candidates, and warns about Potential Career Killers, among many other subjects. Each section is filled with helpful information, real life examples, and key takeaway points. Russ’ style is both instructive and witty. This very easy to read non-fiction self-help book is a perfect gift for a high school graduate, any college student, and anyone needing a little encouraging nudge in pursuing goals in life. Wow! I wish I had read this Smart College Career Moves years ago! But better late than never. Even though Michael J. Russ geared his advice toward college students, I found very inspirational and encouraging for me to do what it takes now to meet my goals later. I appreciated each of the examples Russ gave to illustrate his advice. My favorite sections were what he wrote about the power of positive attitudes and positive thoughts (what he calls “positive self-talk”). I walked away from the book with three thoughts: 1) I feel so encouraged! 2) What are my goals and what can I do to move toward them? 3) I really should read this book once a month to encourage and remind myself. Five (hundred) stars. Highly recommended to everyone! Whether you are just starting to think about life goals or are a hundred and just have a couple left, you can benefit from this book. ~Ashley Tetzlaff,

5 stars —Smart College Career Moves: What You Can Do Now to Make Yourself More Marketable Later is a non-fiction career guide written by Michael J. Russ. Russ contends that the traditional approaches to getting a good job after college are not all that effective anymore due to the changes in the job market. Many jobs have been outsourced, and the remaining ones are in short supply. Students can prepare for this challenging new job market by being mindful of their goals and incorporating some of the techniques Russ suggests for marketing themselves into their student profiles. College is often the first time a student enjoys relative independence, and the consequences of giving in to that temptation to party and otherwise goof off for a year or three can resonate strongly in terms of getting that first job. Michael J. Russ’s career guide, Smart College Career Moves: What You Can Do Now to Make Yourself More Marketable Later, is filled with workable ideas for students to actively make their career dreams become a reality. I especially appreciated Russ’s caution that you should really think about why you’ve chosen a particular career path. If it’s solely for the monetary rewards, you could be setting yourself up for years of unhappiness, except for those paydays, which don’t happen nearly often enough. Russ never talks down to his audience or is patronizing, but he does lay it on the line about the fact that the consequences of your actions could come back and bite you when you’re being considered for a job. This is an excellent book that offers real and relatively easily followed techniques to build a resume that will make employers sit up and take notice. It’s highly recommended. ~Jack Magnus,

4 Stars– Smart College Career Moves by Michael J. Russ is a short but succinct guide on how best to market yourself to prospective employers. As the years go by and the economic crisis hits harder, the job market becomes tougher to get into. You are competing against people with experience and you feel that you don’t stand a chance. Your college years are the perfect time to learn how to market your skills; how to think of yourself as a worthy candidate for any job that you go for. This short guide will teach you how to get a head start on your chosen career, how to market yourself, now and in the future, and how to be the one person that stands out from all the others. Smart College Career Moves by Michael J. Russ carries the subtitle What You Can Do Now to Make Yourself More Marketable Later. And that’s exactly what this short book does. Designed to motivate college goers into thinking about their future, it turns the hard slog of job seeking into an art form. It tells you not particularly how to get any job you go after, but how to make yourself more attractive to prospective employers. There is some good, sound advice in this guide, advice that is written in easy to read language. I learnt quite a bit from this, things I wish I had put into practice in my younger days! I would say this book should be on the reading lists of every college student the world over. Anne-Marie Reynolds,