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Between the lines of life, something occurs from within us each time we face situations that strike a nerve. It’s like we are reduced to robotic reactions without realizing it–reactions that consume time and energy, make you feel helpless, and rob  you of your quality of life.

Zero Adversity is a short read which lays out a practical 3-step approach to unfortunate, misfortunate, and challenging events that gets “sticky” in the mind and drives you to “lean-in” to perceptions and responses that generate positive feelings and outcomes.

The first step in the Zero Adversity™ approach is “Perceive,” because perceptions set the stage for the thoughts, inner conversations, feelings, and responses that follow.

The second step is “Respond,” because the way you respond to events and circumstances determines how quickly you will be able to move on to step three and “Let go,” so you are ready for the next event.

This efficient 3-step approach promotes expanded happiness, and empowers you to recover from events and change in a fast moving and often chaotic world, so you remain on track to goals, intentions, and dreams.

If you are in a leadership role, this approach will help make you more efficient and operate with greater balance and agility.

Michael J Russ, the author and a Sales Professional for over 45 years, crafted this simple approach to events to sustain his energy and positive attitude, manage change, let go of events he could not control, boost productivity, enhance creativity, and neutralize the impact of negative people.

Zero Adversity is a game changer when it comes to maintaining your attitude, happiness, productivity, achievement, personal and professional relationships, level of energy, relationship intimacy, and dealing with events and circumstances you cannot control.

Remember, it’s not what happens, it’s how you respond to what happens which determines how you feel and the quality and depth of your life experience.

The steps in Zero Adversity put you in touch with your innate authenticity—expanding your freedom to pursue the things you want to pursue, be more fulfilled by what you do, and be true to yourself in a culture where being authentic can sometimes feel awkward or unnatural.

If you life experience is continually defined by stress, unhappiness, resentment, struggle, frustration, or anger, Zero Adversity can upgrade your experience of life.

Takeaways from reading or listening to Zero Adversity include:

  • Greater control of your time and energy
  • Direct control of your thoughts, self-talk, feeling, and actions.
  • Increased mental flexibility and agility.
  • Expanded productivity.
  • A personalized approach to initially adverse events and circumstances.
  • Deeper relational connections.
  • Enhanced relationship intimacy.
  • Expanded happiness and fulfillment.
  • A moment to moment plan of action to counter distractions.

Pick up your of Zero Adversity, as a paperback, audio CD, or Digital Download today and start making a positive impact on how you feel and what you are capable of.

Praise for Zero Adversity:

It’s Fantastic! ~Marilyn Horowitz, International Bestselling Author of The book of Zev

Could this be the missing instruction manual for adversity? I think it could. You’ve probably been told that you have to stop REACTING and start RESPONDING in times of challenge and adversity. But what you probably haven’t been told is HOW to do that.

How to respond in a way that’s resourceful, how to change your perception of events and experiences from negative and disempowering to positive and resourceful are just a few of the valuable strategies you’ll learn from this brilliant book. Honestly, this book could be handed out as an instruction manual for how to have a happy life. Definitely one to call on to make difficulties and challenges much smoother. ~ Dr Lisa (UK)

Best book available! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to make money and do it the easiest way possible… ~Beth K.

Great read! This book gives you the tools needed to gain a perspective on things. ~Wendy M.

This book is a great read! ~Ann B.

This book is like an owners manual for addressing life’s adversities… ~TR

Mr. Russ offers simple, easy to implement blueprint for how to shift your self-talk and not-so-helpful habits/reactions into positive response(s)…I enjoyed his stories that illustrate his tips and techniques.

The book teaches readers to understand what adversity is and how to overcome it. ~Debbi D.

A quick HOW TO overcome adversity and live a full life without regrets. In a very quick read and very clear fashion, Michael provides three steps required to ensure that we continue to create the life and love that we want no matter what may come our way…I will be sharing this with my executive coaching clients.
~Ann Farrell, Master Executive Coach,