Zero Adversity: How to Cultivate a Prosperous Inner Conversation

Prosperity is a state of being. It is not something you buy or accumulate. It is something you are. When you are prosperous, you know there is more than enough of everything: money, love, ability, happiness, intimacy, etc.

For most people, the challenge with prosperity thinking or prosperity consciousness is believing there is more than enough of everything when their physical reality reflects otherwise. When you think and believe you do not, and never will have enough you have succumbed to scarcity thinking, also referred to as poverty consciousness.

A scarcity mindset can be a dark, lonely, and outright scary place, where you feel as is if you are fighting and struggling. Attempting to stay afloat or get ahead of a virtual economic tsunami. It’s a place where fear, anxiety, or stress dominates.

As someone who has lived 32 years of his life without a guaranteed paycheck each and every month, I am intimately familiar with the allure of scarcity thinking. Once you are in its grasp, however, you must do the seemingly impossible—change your mind!

Prosperity thinking is the bright side, where hope, optimism, and energy prosper. Scarcity thinking is the dark side, where you experience cycles of exhaustion, hopelessness, anger, anxiety, stress, and depression.

The driving force behind prosperity or scarcity thinking is your inner conversation. Your inner conversation, also referred to as self-talk, is best defined as what you think and say about you and what you are doing, both in your head and in conversation.

The crucial thing to know about your inner conversation is it reinforces what you believe to be true about you and what you are doing.

Breaking a cycle of scarcity thinking involves shifting your inner conversation first! The good news is this shift is FREE. Nope, it won’t cost you a dime. So if you lack anything in your life, believing you have more than enough of it is where you begin to turn the tide for yourself.

Whenever I discovered I was thinking, I don’t know if I am going to get it done this month, I immediately shifted my inner conversation to reflect prosperity as in, I have more than enough time, energy, and resources to succeed.

When it comes to prosperity thinking (a state of being) that promotes abundance (having a lot of something), your inner conversation is a telltale sign of which mindset is dominant. Your feelings, emotions, and life circumstances are other key signs that reveal which state of mind your inner conversation is supporting. It takes a prosperity state of being to cultivate an abundance of something, be it love, money, or friendship.

I want to share three simple and highly practical steps you can today take to assure you are at the helm, guiding an inner conversation that supports a prosperous state of being.

Discover–discover the nature of the thoughts and words you now use to describe you and your intentions, goals, and dreams. What you want to become aware of is self-sabotaging dialogue: direct, subtle, or humorous personal putdowns, and language that reinforces what you are not or what you do not have.

Defy–Ditch negative self-talk. Make a commitment to never saying another negative word about yourself. Period! The moment you realize you are putting yourself down, stop mid-sentence and say something else or change the subject altogether. Don’t worry, nobody will notice.

Design—create, cultivate, and use self-talk that supports what is possible, as opposed to what is not. We all know there can only be one winner, but everyone can have a winning attitude that never wavers, regardless of their finish. More often than not, the difference between those who work their way up the ladder of success and those who don’t is a focus on what they can do (what is possible), instead of what they cannot.

Lastly, my experience has revealed that scarcity thinkers tend to focus on the big picture of their life, which tends to make their hurdles bigger than they can manage and induce a state of fear and paralysis. Self-talk in this frame of mind might be, I am never going to get there. It feels as if you are being sucked down a deep black hole with no escape.

Focusing on the smaller picture, moment to moment thoughts and actions, can help alleviate fear and worry, elevate energy and enthusiasm, and support your shift to prosperity thinking. I advise my clients to focus on day to day inspired actions which generate little successes that contribute to the whole.

A prosperous inner conversation is not something you have at birth. It develops through understanding, intention, and practice. The influence it has on your feelings, emotions, actions, and outcomes is undeniable. If you want to harness the full potential of your inner conversation, discover, defy, design, and repeat.