Zero Adversity Keynotes/Educational Presentations


Zero Adversity™ Keynotes/Presentations Share Practical Thought and Response Processes Participants Can Apply to Unlock Their Potential for Greater Resilience, Productivity, Happiness, Intimacy, Relational Connection, & Achievement

Michael J. Russ is no stranger to adversity. In 1987, while pursuing a commissioned sales career, he became aware that he was giving away his power to thought viruses, drama, fighting change, and attempts to exert control and influence over situations and circumstances which were not within his control.

After realizing his chronic unhappiness, frustration, and erratic states of distress were direct consequences of giving away his ability to dictate his thoughts, words, feelings, and actions, he developed several practical processes to assure “he” was the only one controlling his feelings, the direction of this thoughts and inner conversations, and his responses to life events. He has ™been sharing these processes in his audio books and entertaining keynotes/educational presentations under the theme of Zero AdversityTM .

Why is the overall theme of his presentations titled “Zero Adversity™,” because when applied with intention, each process empowers you with the ability to eliminate your experience of adversity, regardless of the event.

Keynote given at Lynn University Conservatory of Music

Each Zero AdversityTM Keynote/Educational Presentation is Fully Customized with Visual and Anecdotal examples that appeal to Your Audience, Conference Theme or Objective

Current Keynotes/Educational Presentations:

How to Bounce Back From Anything

This interactive and visually entertaining dialogue shares 3 Moves Michael has been applying for over 30 years to bounce back from unfortunate, misfortunate, and challenging events and circumstances. The moves are effective because they transform your initial thoughts, inner conversations, feelings, and responses to what has occurred and are applicable in every aspect of your life.

Learning Outcomes of this Presentation Include:

  • A greater command of your feelings and attitude.
  • Increased mental flexibility and agility.
  • A plan for overcoming adversity.
  • Expanded productivity.
  • A meaningful balance between personal and professional life.
  • Deeper relational connections.
  • A personalized approach to life challenges.
  • Greater happiness, freedom, and fulfillment.
  • Additional clarity, confidence, and control during challenges.
  • A shift in focus towards what we can control and what is possible.
  • The ability to immediately recognize when events require no response.
  • The clarity to eliminate past adversity and manage future adversity.

From “No Way” to “Way!” 4 Moves That Program You for Happiness and Success.

Self-talk is an undeniable factor in owning your power and influencing every aspect of your life and success. As they say, whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right.

Your inner conversation reflects and directly reinforces what you think about you and what you are doing–positive and negative. When your inner dialogue contradicts stated intentions, goals, and objectives, your power is compromised.

This straight-forward system enables you to recognize when your self-talk is incongruent and gives you a plan you can apply to intentionally turn it into a driving force, supporting your state of being and every thought and action.

Learning Outcomes From This Presentation Include:

  • A greater command of feelings and attitude.
  • Increased mental flexibility and agility.
  • Expanded Resilience.
  • Support for achieving goals, intentions, and dreams.
  • Additional mental clarity, confidence, and control during challenges.
  • A focused, supportive, and purposeful inner conversation.

Topics a Zero Adversity™ presentation can be directed to address include:

  • Managing Change
  • Achieving Peak Efficiency
  • Strengthening Confidence & Self-Image
  • Leadership
  • Bullying
  • Neutralizing Crisis
  • Self-Esteem
  • Achieving Team Cohesion
  • Sales Success
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Handling Peer Pressure

Who Can Benefit?

People of all ages and walks of life. No one is immune to having an experience of adversity.

Students will benefit is a big way! When young people take ownership of their power to control themselves and their life, they are more able to transcend new manifestations of adversity: fear of the unknown, fear of other people’s opinions, financial worries, the stress of making life decisions, peer pressure, bullying, test anxiety, work demands,and independent living.

 Going Beyond Motivation Alone

When you get stuck in quicksand, you don’t need motivation; you need a rope!

People are more likely to take action when concepts are practical and easy to use.

In part one of his presentation, Michael uses inspiring anecdotes, visuals, and personal experiences to reveal his processes. In part two, he pivots to applying them to relevant issues curated from his audience.

Expose your audience to something they would never expect—an uplifting interactive dialogue that conveys practical, relevant, and expedient methods they can apply to counter events and experiences which rob them of their time, positive attitude, prosperity, and sense of freedom.

The impossible becomes possible when you have a plan for the challenges you will face along the way.

Michael’s dialogue/training is adapted from Zero Adversity: 3 Practical Steps to Freedom, Fulfillment, and Creating an Authentic Life, the international bestselling book that documents how he developed and applied his methods to free himself from the stuff that gets in the way of experiencing the very best life has to offer. (Quantity discounts are available.)

To inquire about exposing your students, employees, leaders, executives, administrators, or attendees to Zero Adversity™, please call Michael at 850-866-6965 or send an email to

Praise for Zero Adversity™ Presentations

You are a master in the art of marrying powerful and comprehensive content with the practicality of application. C. Goggins

Your talk was amazing and the training video you made for us was awesome!!! It has had a super positive impact on our staff. We have had positive responses from our staff at each location. Several people have asked for the link to your video to see it again. You did a great job on both the video and your presentation. ~Fred B., CEO, American Wallzone Supply, June, 2017.

Do you think students at other colleges & universities would benefit from hearing Michael speak?   (Yes) 100% (No) 0% ~FSU, Panama City, Florida–Student Feedback

Hearing Michael speak was perfect timing for me! ~Silvia J, Lynn University, Conservatory of Music

“I AM going to work hard, I CAN be the best, I HAVE what it takes, and I WILL succeed! ~ An inspiring Facebook post from a Lynn University music student after experiencing Zero Adversity™

I brought Michael in to address some key issues and create a more cohesive group of employees and he was amazing! They are still quoting him. ~Laurie Kelly, General Manager, Tides of Destin.

Thank you for a motivating and inspiring presentation to our Sports & Golf Sales teams. Your messages about Powerful Sales and Powerful Self-Talk were right on target and very well received by our cast members. A number of people came up to me in the days following and told me they were committed to improving their self-talk, sales and interpersonal skills. You should be very proud to be able to create such positive influences on people’s lives and a companies businesses performance. ~Steve Harker, Manager of Golf Sales & Performance, Walt Disney World Golf

Thank you for a wonderful inspiring teaching to the classes last week. When you speak to large groups, I am sure you wonder if what you said was heard and whether it made a difference in anybody’s life. Well, in our case at the college, both are true. The students are still talking about your very practical and systematic approach to making positive life changes. I know the students heard because they are correcting each other as they seek to keep their inner conversations consistent with their spoken goals. ~Kent J. Brown, Executive Director, Professional Golfers Career College, 2003

The Young Rider Graduate Program was one of the most influential weekends of my dressage career. Your information and words of wisdom would have taken me a lifetime to figure out on my own. I truly enjoyed having you as a speaker and wanted to thank you for talking with us. ~Hillary M

“After Michael showed me how his process could be applied to my stressful work situation, I immediately felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.” K. S., Registered Nurse

Thank you so much for speaking at our Women’s Council of Realtors® luncheon. Since we are a new chapter, we really needed to have a good meeting with a great speaker and wow, you were great! ~ Jo Ann Revel, CRS,GRI, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker United, Realtors

Zero Adversity™ gives one a framework for dealing with life’s curve balls.~ Saul Pressner, Dmd, NYC, NY

A simple talk with a huge impact. ~ Renate De Angelo, Master Certified Coach

Michael, speaking at the Unscripted Power Event in North Hampton, Massachusetts in 2015


Testimonials after hearing Zero Adversity™ at the Take Back Your Health Conference, in Los Angeles, CA, in 2015

Zero Adversity™ Training presents:


Turn Your Inner Conversation Into a Dynamic Powerhouse 

Your Inner Conversation is a personal dialogue that influences every aspect of your life. As the saying goes, whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right! Your inner conversation influences the achievement of intentions, goals, and dreams and should not be ignored.

Your inner conversation, also referred to as self-talk, is best defined as the thoughts and words you use about you and what you are doing, both in your head and in conversation

What makes self-talk so vitally important is its impact on absolutely every aspect of your life: happiness, resilience, productivity, achievement, personal and professional relationships, attitude, and how you approach and respond to adversity. 

Most importantly, your inner conversation reinforces what you believe to be true about yourself–be it positive or negative.

Negative self-talk adversely impacts intentions, goals, and dreams faster than the speed of light and inhibits achievement when it reinforces doubt, fear, and scarcity.

A positive inner conversation generates an atmosphere where optimism, creativity, hope, possibilities, and miracles reign and thrive.

The direction of your self-talk impacts:

  • Establishing and maintaining a solid “can do” mindset.
  • Greater prosperity and abundance.
  • Intimacy.
  • Achievement.
  • Creativity, focus, and attention. 
  • The way you manage change.
  • Securing a job and career.
  • Your ability to overcome adversity.
  • Building and nurturing self-confidence.

Regardless of your intentions, assessing your internal conversation is where everything begins. If your inner conversation fails to align with your intentions, you will be standing squarely in the way of your own progress.

This keynote is a must if you want to give your people the practical mechanics they need to be able to design self-talk that supports them in every way. This presentation covers: what it is, how it works, and how they can transform their self-talk into a dynamically vibrant powerhouse!

Studies show that attendees can only later recall 15% of the material they are exposed to. Michael counters this statistic by following one basic premise: keep it practical, simple, and connected to the heart! People learn when information is conveyed through their heart, not their brain. There are no complicated explanations or detailed analysis. Once the mechanics of self-talk are revealed through inspiring personal stories and examples, he dives right into demonstrating how attendees can create a vibrant inner conversation of their own.

People learn when information is conveyed through their heart, not their brain. There are no complicated explanations or detailed analysis. Once the mechanics of self-talk are revealed through inspiring personal stories and examples, Michael passionately dives into demonstrating how attendees can hack their current inner conversation and design a vibrant dialogue of their very own.

Understanding the nuances of the Inner Conversation helps leaders be more effective

Understanding the inner workings of the inner conversation is a must for people in positions of leadership because it enables them to spot negative self-talk so they can take appropriate action before it impacts individual and team productivity and morale.

Team cohesion is severely impacted by unsupportive and doubtful self-talk. When the entire team has been exposed to an understanding of self-talk, it generates an atmosphere where negative self-talk cannot exist and a cohesive inner conversation can thrive.

This practical keynote presentation can be combined with the Zero Adversity® Method or given individually. Call 850-866-6965 or email to get information how you can expose your participants to this dialogue. 

I heard Dennis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, and others speak, however, your message on self-talk was so practical and helpful. I have applied it to my golf game, my relationship with my wife and children, and my business.~Kent Brown, Golf Instructor/Golf Industry Consultant