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Are you looking for a transformational speaker with practical processes your audience can apply to be more productive, resilient, creative, fulfilled, happy, and passionate about themselves, their life, and their success?

My latest keynote/educational presentation is:

Zero Adversity™! 3 Moves That Help You Bounce Back From Anything

This keynote/presentation shares a practical 3-step process I have been using for over 30 years to bounce back from unfortunate, misfortunate, and challenging events and circumstances. Each step is presented in a way that helps it become “sticky” in the mind and drive them to transform their initial thoughts, feelings, words, and responses to seemingly adverse events, making it easier to let go and move on.

The talk is interactive, entertaining, and filled with personal anecdotes about how I have applied the process to my own life and relevant industry examples of how the audience can apply it to current and future challenges.

To inquire about presenting this inspirational keynote/presentation to your company, organization, or school, please call 850-866-6965 or send an email to:


Do you listen to Podcasts? My “Beyond the 3D” podcast shares practical processes you can apply to transform yourself and your life in unimaginable ways. Just listen, apply, repeat!

Listen to my current podcast episodes.

Are you a sales and marketing professional? This short video will assist you in making better connections and give you a taste of what this keynote/presentation is all about.

“5 Tips for Igniting Dynamic Relationships”

“5 Rules to Achieve Phone Sales Success”

Authentic Relational Sales Training

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